June 1, 2017 | Number of The Day
Recidivism rate of NJ prison population over three years

According to a 2016 Release Outcome Report of the New Jersey Department of Corrections, State Parole Board, and Juvenile Justice Commission, 10,835 prisoners were released from New Jersey correctional facilities in 2011. Within three years, 52.7 percent were rearrested; 39.8 percent were reconvicted; and 31.3 percent were reincarcerated — as quoted in a recent report from NJ Reentry Corp., “Improving Upon Corrections in New Jersey to Reduce Recidivism and Promote Successful Reintegration.”

In other words, in just three years, over half of those released from prison were again involved in the justice system, and nearly a third were already back in prison or jail.

The cycle of recidivism creates exorbitant and unnecessary costs for the correctional system, healthcare systems, social-safety nets, and taxpayers. Each inmate costs the Department of Corrections $54,865 a year; as such, by 2014 the 31.3 percent of reincarcerated individuals released in 2011 were costing NJDOC nearly $200 million per year.