Faster Forensics Processing Means More Time to Prevent Crime

NJTV News | June 1, 2017 | More Issues
Thanks to a new one-stop forensics lab, state police can process evidence in 48 hours rather than 10 months

Forensics processing — which used to take as long as 10 months — now can be finished in as few as 48 hours, thanks to a one-stop shop that lets state police commanders avoid sending evidence out to one of seven labs.

DNA evidence, fingerprints, saliva, sweat, blood, if there’s any to be found it’ll be discovered here where weapons undergo a rigorous multistep examination in the crime scene room that’s now under the same roof as the rest of the consolidated facility.

But impressive as the streamlined processing is, the real gain comes from being able to prevent other crimes. The extra hours, days, weeks, and months give the police more time to gather evidence for prevention and to share with in-the-field detectives.

“If we can save a life, if we can stop a shooting, that’s much more important than actually investigating a shooting or a homicide,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ray Guidetti, deputy superintendent of investigations.

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