Wisniewski Says He Would Be a Stand-Up Governor for NJ

WNYC | May 9, 2017 | Elections 2017
Assemblyman says he stood up to Christie and to ‘our first Goldman Sachs governor’

Why couldn’t Democratic gubernatorial hopeful John Wisniewski pick up the party endorsement in his home county of Middlesex? That was one of the questions WNYC radio host Brian Lehrer asked the state Assemblyman in an interview yesterday, part of a series with New Jersey’s gubernatorial candidates.

“This really goes to the essence of this election,” Wisniewski replied. “What New Jersey needs is a governor who has experience but a governor who’s not beholden to the institutional politics that, quite frankly, has created so many of the problems that we have today…”

Wisniewski went on to describe himself as someone who, if elected, would not be afraid “to stand up” to entrenched interests. “If you look at my time in the Legislature, I have been the guy who has stood up — whether it was against Chris Christie on Bridgegate or Jon Corzine, our first Goldman Sachs governor, when he tried to sell the turnpike and the parkway…”

The gubernatorial primaries will take place on Tuesday, June 6.

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