May 5, 2017 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking as one of the worst state for nurses

Being a nurse is a tough profession: It demands brains, stamina, compassion, and dedication. And in New Jersey, it might take even more of the last, given that the state has been ranked the seventh worst state for these healthcare providers.

What’s behind the Garden State’s low ranking? For starters, it took the 44th slot for opportunity and competition and did almost as poorly for work environment (40) and job openings per capita (39). Average annual salary was also a no-go at 35th, while average monthly starting salary was ranked 28th. Of course, drawing a salary means having a job, which could be tough in the Garden State, which was ranked 46th for healthcare facilities per capita.

Nearby New York finished 49th, and the District of Columbia was at the bottom of the heap (51). Pennsylvania was ranked 39th. The best states for nurses: Wisconsin (1), New Mexico (2), and Iowa (3).