May 4, 2017 | Number of The Day
NJ’s rank on list of most fun states

If you’re living in New Jersey, you’re probably not having as much fun as you think you are. Then again, you’re lucky to be having any fun at all, if the results of a new survey from WalletHub are to be trusted: It ranks New Jersey as No. 42 on its list of “Most Fun States.”

New York State finished fifth; Pennsylvania, 30th.

Basically, we don’t have enough restaurants per capita, movie theaters, golf courses, performing-arts venues, access to national parks, and so on. The Garden State ranked 36th for skiing facilities and 46th for arts, entertainments, and recreation establishments.

What we do have is plenty of fitness centers (ranked 4th). That may suggest that New Jerseyans are good at running on treadmills, but we leave you to draw your own conclusions.