April 21, 2017 | Number of The Day
NJ’s national ranking for safe driving

New Jersey drivers — who seem to flip the bird as often as give a friendly wave — aren’t known for their good manners. What they should be known for, however, is safety. A new report from SafeWise indicates that behind the wheel Garden State residents are the fourth-safest drivers in the United States, determined by traffic fatalities per 1,000 drivers (0.062). Massachusetts, the safest state, attained 0.048 fatalities/1,000 drivers. North Dakota, the state with the most unsafe drivers has 0.256 fatalities/1,000.

Contributing to New Jersey’s strong showing is the fact that it has the fewest speeding fatalities: Average highway speed limit is 62 mph; average number of speeding fatalities per resident is 0.0111.

Safewise, the authority on safety and home security news, based its report on data from the Insurance Institution for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute.