Most Jobs in Newark Go to Nonresidents

WNYC | April 26, 2017 | More Issues
The economic renewal of Newark has been a talking point, but its residents are landing few of the jobs

Most jobs in the resurgent city of Newark are held by nonresidents, according to a report released yesterday by the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice.

Of the nearly 140,000 jobs in the city, just 18 percent are held by local residents. And only 10 percent of those workers earn at least $40,000 a year.

The report says residents are trapped in poverty because of the lack of jobs, and it attributes the jobs deficiency to decades-long discrimination. (The population of Newark is 85 percent black and Latino, and 11 percent white, according to 2015 census figures.) The report says 60 percent of Newark workers are white.

Mayor Ras Baraka has promised a new jobs program whose goal is to get 2,000 Newarkers into jobs by 2020.

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