New Terminal A Cleared for Takeoff at Newark International Airport

NJTV News | April 20, 2017 | Transportation
Port Authority will spend $2.3B to replace aging terminal with something sleeker, more streamlined

Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport isn’t just in line for an upgrade. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey plans to spend $2.3 billion on a new terminal.

It’s not a minute too soon.

The 44-year-old facility is old and overcrowded, straining to handle 1 million more annual passengers than it was designed to accommodate.

“Even when we’re not actually crowded and you have plenty of time, passengers are out in the hold room areas feeling like they don’t have enough space or time to get through to their planes,” said Catherine Cronin, Newark Airport redevelopment program director for the Port Authority.

“It was never designed for the security requirements that we have today, she added. “TSA and all of those checkpoints were never envisioned.”

Of the airport’s three terminals, A is the most outdated. The Port Authority’s vision for the new Terminal A includes a 1 million square-foot, T-shaped terminal that’ll handle 13 million passengers through 33 gates — a 50 percent increase in capacity.

The ambitious project has an equally ambitious schedule — especially since the old terminal will remain open while the new one’s being built. The Port Authority hopes to fly out of 23 new gates by the year 2020 — all 33 new gates by 2022.

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