March 6, 2017 | Number of The Day
Poor New Jerseyans who spend more than half their income on rent and utilities

Some 75 percent of New Jersey’s poor renters spend more than half their limited income on rent and utilities, according to “The Gap: A Shortage of Affordable Homes,” published jointly by the Community Development Network of New Jersey and the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC).

Nationally, extremely low-income renters spend an average of 71 percent of their income on rent and utilities.

NLIHC conducts research each year to assess the availability of affordable homes to people of different income levels throughout the country. This year’s analysis continues to show that the poorest households face the largest shortage of affordable and available rental housing and have more severe housing-cost burdens than any other group. In New Jersey, there are only 29 affordable homes for every 100 households. Nationally, there are 35 affordable homes available for every 100 households.