March 28, 2017 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking on list of best and worst states for doctors

It’s no secret that New Jersey’s medical profession faces serious challenges, particularly when it comes to primary-care physicians, who are expected to be in short supply in coming years. It’s not hard to fathom this predicament, given that New Jersey has been named the 47th worst state to practice medicine in, according to the latest data from WalletHub, the personal finances website. (The survey includes all 50 states and the District of Columbia.)

Where does New Jersey let physicians down? It’s rated 50th for malpractice award payouts per capita, and 47th for hospitals per capita. Average monthly starting salary also makes a poor showing at 44th, while average annual wages finish in the 41st slot.

What states should doctors set their GPS devices for? Iowa, Minnesota, and Idaho finish 1, 2, 3.

And what about the Empire State just across the Hudson? New York finishes at the very bottom of the heap, in 51st place.