On Her Retirement, Sen. Diane Allen Laments Anger in Politics

NJTV News | March 28, 2017 | Politics
Burlington County legislator says ire has become endemic in politics, society but legislators can still solve problems

Reflecting on her two decades in the New Jersey Legislature, Sen. Diane Allen said, “There used to be a greater amount of comradery of people reaching across the aisle to work with each other and not as much anger.”

Sen. Allen (R-Burlington), who is retiring, partly for health reasons, sat for an interview with NJTV news correspondent Michael Hill in the course of which she noted, “I feel a lot of anger from various people, from time to time…”

“I think somehow we’ve become a society that feels that people have done things to us and we need to get even and we need to make sure that we get ours. When instead what we should be doing is thinking about what’s best for the country, for the state and making things happen and not worry about those little things that are around the edges,” the senator said.

A television anchor and reporter before becoming a politician, Sen. Allen points to the appeal of serving in the Legislature, noting that “…once you become a legislator you actually — occasionally — can solve problems and it’s very gratifying.”

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