Poll: Millennial Outmigration — Major Headache or Minor Problem?

NJ Spotlight News | March 23, 2017 | Polling
What can be done to keep millennials in New Jersey — and should communities and the state spend scarce funds to make it happen?

A year ago, the New Jersey Business & Industry Association issued a report that found millennials, who are the youngest workers today, were leaving New Jersey at the highest levels of any generation. The organization followed that up on Tuesday with a daylong conference on millennials and the workforce.

The NJBIA’s president and CEO Michelle Siekerka said the outmigration of those born between 1982 and 1999, who are currently 18 to 35, is a major challenge “screaming out” for solutions because this group is the largest generation currently in the workforce and is the future workforce. Businesses need millennial workers to thrive, and will need them to survive as older workers retire.

There were many reasons suggested for the exodus of millennials, some of them financial — it’s too expensive to live in New Jersey and they are carrying high student debt loads. Others are social —millennials do not want to live in suburban bedroom communities where they have to drive to work, to shop, and to entertainment.

When it comes to preventing millennials from fleeing the state and attracting more young workers …

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