Poll: Should Lawmakers Take Christie’s 100-Day School Funding Challenge?

NJ Spotlight News | March 2, 2017 | Polling
The governor has pledged to work with Republicans and Democrats to find an equitable solution to the school-funding mess. Should legislators jump at the chance or let it pass?

Rather than try to implement the “fairness formula” school-aid plan that he has been touting for months, Gov. Chris Christie left education funding essentially flat in the budget he proposed on Tuesday, but called on legislative leaders to work with him to craft a revised formula.

Christie has called the current funding system broken, and pledged on Tuesday to work with lawmakers to hammer out a workable formula for distributing $9 billion in aid to schools. Both houses of the Legislature have been holding separate hearings on the issue and consider a different approach a priority.

But the governor wants to make it an even bigger priority, saying he expects legislators to help craft a new funding system in the next 100 days or he would “act alone.” He promised that “it will be fixed before I leave this town.” Legislative leaders are unclear as to what to make of what seemed like a veiled threat by Christie.

Do you think lawmakers should work with the governor to come up with a …

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