February 27, 2017 | Number of The Day
Number of community hospitals in NJ

New Jersey has 75 community hospital around the state, meaning they do not include veterans hospitals or other federally managed facilities. Of these, 59 are nonprofit, 15 for-profit hospitals, and one — University Hospital, Newark — owned by the state.

Nonprofit hospitals have much higher admissions per 1,000 population than for-profits, according to statehealthfacts.org, a website from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, which tracks health statistics. In 2015, the last year for which statistics were available, there were 99 admissions/1,000 people to nonprofit hospitals and only 7/1,000 to for-profits. The difference is much starker for emergency room visits: there were 362 visits to the ER per 1,000 population for nonprofits versus 19/1,000 to for-profits.

Emergency room visits are down slightly, particularly to nonprofit hospitals, possibly due to the Affordable Care Act. Nonprofits saw a high of about 420/1,000 emergency room visits in 2012, the highest number in history and the first full year of the ACA. Statistics for 2016 are not yet available.