Jersey City Development Puts Big Squeeze on PATH Trains

NJTV News | February 9, 2017 | Transportation
With even more residential development in pipeline, Mayor Fulop says Port Authority has not taken influx of new riders into account in its plans

An explosion of residential development along PATH train lines in Jersey City is straining that trans-Hudson transport system.

Weekday morning trains on the Journal Square line to midtown Manhattan can now look like sardine cans, and many commuters are forced to wait for the next train.

Lauren Lipsky often waits “two and three trains to get on one.” Lipsky, a Jersey City resident, said, “You’ve got all the commuters coming in from New Jersey that are using the PATH, then you’ve got all of the buildings that are coming up around here … the system can’t handle that many people, plus all the bus riders. It’s too much.”

Fulop echoes those sentiments. He said he is concerned the Port Authority has not provided for the influx of riders from new residential towers being built in the city’s Journal Square area as well as from new condos and hotels around the Grove Street PATH station, many of which were subsidized by transit-focused state grants.

“They keep talking about adding different PATH nuances into their capital plan but eventually they’re going to have to take concrete steps because this is a vital artery for the entire region,” said Fulop.

While the Port Authority’s new 10-year capital plan includes more than $4 billion for upgrades to the PATH, it contains no provisions that directly address overcrowded trains.

Around 270,000 people ride the PATH trains each weekday.

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