January 25, 2017 | Number of The Day
Number of Empire State Buildings needed to accommodate all of NJ’s men, women, and children

When the talk turns to population density, it doesn’t take long before New Jersey is cited as the state most likely to be bulging at the seams — with good reason. The Garden State’s 8,938,175 men, women, and children — according to the 2014 census — are squeezed into 7,354 square miles.

A quick Google query can verify the basic facts. But how many Empire State Buildings would be needed to accommodate all those people? You may never have considered the question (understandably), but the folks at SpareFoot, a storage-supply website have, and they’ve got the answer: 5.6. (In case you’re wondering, it would take 68,333 10-foot-by-20-foot-by-8-foot storage units to do the trick — even more than are stacked along the Turnpike in Port Newark.)

SpareFoot isn’t satisfied with a rough estimate. It’s taken into consideration that men, women, and children are all different sizes — and it’s factored in the 26.9 percent of New Jersey’s population that’s obese.

If you’re more interested in area than volume, SpareFoot has calculated that the entire population of the state could be packed into 1.41 square miles in Jersey City. The number crunchers at the website did not indicate why they chose that venue.