More Universities Follow Rutgers’ Model of ‘Sober Dorms’

WNYC | January 26, 2017 | Education
A Rutgers’ support program for students struggling with addiction has become a national exemplar

Credit: Stephanie Daniel
Rutgers University's housing program for students battling addiction has become a national model.
For students who struggle with addiction, college life can come with the added challenge of easy access to alcohol and recreational drugs.

Now, following a model established by Rutgers University almost 30 years ago, more and more universities are offering “sober dorms” as a way to help those students stay “substance-free.”

Rutgers’ Recovery Housing program includes an apartment in Newark and three houses on its New Brunswick campus. In order to take part, students must prove they have been sober for at least 90 days and promise to attend two 12-step meetings a week. Currently, 23 students are taking part.

Over the years, hundreds of students have gone through the program. When Rutgers started tracking them after graduation in 2008 it found the students’ recovery rate was about 95 percent.

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