The Best Op-Eds of 2016

NJ Spotlight | December 23, 2016
While we’re on winter break we want to make sure you can still count on us for thought-provoking content

300 best op-ed
At NJ Spotlight, we’re a pretty hard-driving bunch, as our readers know — along with more than a few folks in Trenton. But even we need to take a break, so we hit the ground running in 2017. While we’re on winter hiatus, we want to make sure our readers and members can count on us for the opinion and analysis we deliver year-round. That’s why we’ve sorted and sifted through 2016’s op-eds, to find some of the best. We hope you’ll find them engaging and thought-provoking. We’ll be posting two a day until we’re back on January 3.

Have a great New Year.

Follow this link to see the best op-eds that we’ve published so far.