November 21, 2016 | Number of The Day
Number of registered nurses in NJ

Nurses of every kind, particularly skilled nurses, are in high demand these days due to the changing work environment in the medical field. In 2014-15, 123,384 New Jerseyans applied to renew their registered nurse licenses. Of those, 101,182 participated in a demographic survey, which was published by the New Jersey Collaborative Center for Nursing.

According to the survey, 92 percent of all registered nurses are women. The majority – 69 percent – are white, but 10 percent are black, 13 percent are Asian, and 4 percent are Latino.
About 46 percent of registered nurses have bachelor’s degrees; 19 percent have associate’s degrees; and 24 percent have master’s degrees. Only two percent have a doctoral degree.

About half of all nurses work in hospitals, which tend to employ younger members of the nursing workforce, with an average age of 48. Occupational health and academic settings employ the oldest registered nurses, with a mean age of 58.