November 8, 2016 | Number of The Day
Number of NJ voters expected to go to polls today

At least 3.5 million New Jersey voters are expected to vote today, casting ballots for either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. Clinton is expected to take the state — considered “true blue” in federal statewide elections — since she is winning by an average of 11 percent in most New Jersey polls. (Some recent polls have her up about 4 percent, while others have her as high as 28 percent.)

In the most recent presidential election in 2012, about 3.6 million votes were cast for either President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. In 2008, the year Barack Obama won the presidency, 3.8 million voted in New Jersey.

This year there are 5.8 million registered voters, 300,000 more than 2012. The largest share (2.5 million) are unaffiliated, but there are 2 million registered Democrats and 1.2 million Republicans.