November 10, 2016 | Number of The Day
Votes cast in NJ for third-party presidential candidates

According to the unofficial results posted on Wednesday by the New Jersey Division of Elections, New Jerseyans cast 114,999 votes for third-party presidential candidates, representing 3.2 percent of all ballots cast for president. The total ballots cast for the seven third-party candidates on the ballot so far are more than triple the 37,623 they received in the 2012 presidential election; and that’s before all mail-in and provisional ballots are counted. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, got more than half of those: 66,993. That’s almost 46,000 more than he got four years ago. Jill Stein, the Green Party standard-bearer, received 35,305 votes, or more than 2 1/2 times what she got in 2012. The increase in votes for Johnson and Stein, in particular, is likely due to the high unfavorable ratings for both major party candidates.