Affordable Housing: A Key Component if NJ’s Cities Are to Thrive

Lee Keough | November 2, 2016 | Planning, Podcasts
Gentrification is one of the factors transforming today’s cities, but to achieve true community, long-term local residents must have a place in the mix

Credit: Amanda Brown
Barbara George Johnson (left), Thomas Edison State University; Braden Crooks, Designing the We; East Orange Mayor Lester Taylor; Paul Silverman, SILVERMAN
Cities that are affordable, accessible, comfortable, safe, and interesting – that’s what creates a thriving community. But urban revitalization brings with it many concerns, chief among them rising prices that drive out existing residents.

At our recent conference NJ Spotlight on Cities, we devoted two sessions to the idea of housing in the cities. How do you gentrify neighborhoods without pushing the existing community out? And what responsibilities do cities have to provide new affordable housing?

This pair of podcasts offers some insights into how New Jersey can transform the state’s living space equitably.

The NJ Spotlight Conference Series is available for download on ITunes.

Affordable Housing in the Cities

Gentrification, From Urban to Urbane