October 31, 2016 | Number of The Day
Registered voters in NJ

With little more than a week to go before the presidential election that seems never to end, it’s interesting to note that the “Blue” state of New Jersey actually has more unaffiliated voters (2.4 million) than it has Democrats (2 million.) Still, there are almost twice as many registered Democrats as there are Republicans (2 million versus 1.2 million.)

Those registered for third parties, like “greens,” libertarians, and conservatives cause not a blip on the total.

How then, one wonders, do New Jersey Congressional districts divide so evenly — six Democrats versus six Republicans. The answer is that Democratic districts are totally lopsided in terms of party registration. For example, District 1 – represented by Donald Norcross – has 214,762 Democrats and 77,156 Republicans. The 6th, represented by Democrat Frank Pallone, has 168, 879 Democrats to 66,536 Republicans. The 10th, represented by Democrat Donald Payne, is the most striking, with 253,166 Democrats to only 22,911 Republicans.

The Republican districts, for the most part, favor Republicans in terms of registration but by much smaller margins. The 7th District, for instance, has 140,033 Democrats to 157,456 Republicans. The Morris County district of Rodney Freylinghausen, the 11th, is considered rock-ribbed Republican. In reality, it has 164,000 registered Republicans to 149,317 Democrats.