October 4, 2016 | Number of The Day
Doctors who say changing healthcare environment negatively impacted practices in 2016

A survey of New Jersey physicians, conducted by law firm Brach Eichler, had 81 percent of respondents saying the increasing administrative burden on their practices had a negative effect.

That’s not the only thing doctors say has had a negative impact. About 65 percent say it has decreased reimbursement rates; 54 percent say it increased scrutiny of their practices; 53 percent say it reduced time spent with patients; and the same percent say it is causing them to spend more on technology.

As a result, 48 percent are spending more time dealing with insurance companies and 32 percent have had to add staff to handle the load.

Insurance companies are considered the villains by the majority of these doctors, with 54 percent pointing to them as the primary source for the current healthcare crisis. Increased government intervention (61 percent) and increased costs (50 percent) were also pointed to as problematic.

That led to nearly 44 percent changing the structure of their practice last year and 46 percent saying they plan to do so this year. The issues doctors were most concerned about were administrative burdens, regulatory/compliance issues, and reduced reimbursements.