Evidence Is In, Jury Will Soon Be Out

WNYC | October 28, 2016 | Politics
The court will hear closing arguments on Monday, then the case will go to the jury

Six weeks of testimony in the Bridgegate trial ended Wednesday with Bridget Kelly, one of the two defendants, answering “Yes” when her lawyer asked if she was innocent.

After hearing closing arguments on Monday, the jury will begin deliberations on the case concerning the possible political manipulation behind massive week-long traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge in September 2013.

Whatever the jury’s verdict on the culpability of Kelly and fellow-defendant, Bill Baroni, the trial has given plenty of ammunition to critics of Gov. Chris Christie and his practice of politics New Jersey-style. Witnesses testified that Christie could be vengeful and foul-mouthed. Kelly claimed he once threw a water bottle at her, asking, “Who do you think I am, a fucking game show host?”

There was testimony the Port Authority was used as a “goody bag” to dole out treats to those who might further Christie’s reelection cause.

There was also evidence — contrary to what the governor has maintained for the past three years — that senior officials in the Christie administration knew the real purpose of the lane closures at the GWB was a show of political retribution, not a traffic study, as claimed. Kelly said she discussed the lane closures in mid-August 2013 with the governor.

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