Christie’s Former Counsel Didn’t Check into Bridgegate, Wasn’t Asked

WNYC | October 17, 2016 | Politics
Gov. Christie said he asked his chief counsel to check into lane closures on GWB, but counsel said in court the request was never made

When the Bridgegate scandal was just starting to garner serious attention, Gov. Chris Christie went on his “Ask The Governor” radio show on NJ 101.5 and told his listening public that he didn’t know about the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge until he read about them in the Wall Street Journal.

“That’s when I asked my chief of staff and my chief counsel, I said ‘would you look into this and see what’s going on here?””

The answer, according to the governor, was that it was a traffic study gone wrong and had nothing to do with his staff.

But this week in federal court in Newark, former Christie Counsel Charlie McKennna testified the governor “did not ask me to conduct a background investigation.”

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