Elections 2016: Congressional District 3

Colleen O'Dea | October 12, 2016 | Elections 2016

The 3rd District includes portions of Burlington and Ocean Counties. It has been considered one of the state’s swing districts, but last year, when the seat opened, it remained red. Freshman Tom MacArthur is its representative, finishing his first term in office. The Democratic nominee is Frederick John Lavergne of Delanco, whose name is often on the ballot, typically running as a third-party candidate. Lawrence Berlinksi Jr., running under the Constitution Party banner, is also on the ballot. Although slightly more District 3 voters are registered as Democrats than as Republicans, the unaffiliated voters have tended to swing right in recent years. Unlike in the recent past, the 3rd District is not considered a competitive race this year by political handicappers.

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