Bridgegate: Gov. Christie’s Filthy Mouth

WNYC | October 7, 2016 | Politics
In just the latest shock in the trial, a witness testified the governor and a Monmouth County politician traded profanities

The Bridgegate trial concerns allegations of dirty backroom politics in New Jersey. In a digression on Wednesday, the trial became all about dirty words — specifically an expletive-laden outburst by Gov. Chris Christie sparked by another politician’s use of obscene language when referring to the Garden State’s chief executive.

Former Christie staffer Chris Stark told how, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley expressed outrage that Christie was doing little but posing for the media.

“Who does that fat fuck think he is? He has done nothing,” Curley wrote about the governor in an email. Stark testified that, when Christie learned of Curley’s note, he called Curley.

“Who do you think you are, calling me ‘a fat fuck?’ I’m the fucking governor of this state!” Christie allegedly said. “If you are not in Keansburg tomorrow standing behind me at the podium, I will fucking destroy you. Who do you fucking think you are? You’re a fucking idiot!”

Curley confirmed the exchange to WNYC. He recalled also that he turned up for a Christie press conference where, he said, he “walked up to the cabinet members who were all dressed in their gubernatorial garb and I said ‘So where is the fat motherfucker — out running for president?’”

There is no word — four-lettered or otherwise — from the governor on the testimony.

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