Poll: Who Put Together the TTF Fix? Who Runs New Jersey?

NJ Spotlight News | October 6, 2016 | Polling
Basically the bill to tank up the TTF is the work of just three people. What does that say about how things get done in NJ?

After months of hand-wringing and negotiations, the leaders of the state Legislature and Gov. Chris Christie have reached an agreement on how to fund the Transportation Trust Fund going forward. The TTF is responsible for all capital transportation projects in the state. It has been essentially broke since July 1 and as a result, most roadwork has stopped in New Jersey and won’t be restarted until legislation about to how to fund new work is approved — most likely today.

Despite all the discussions, the legislation has primarily been decided by three people (the state Senate President, the Speaker of the Assembly and the governor) without public input. Basically, it calls for a tax break on one side of the state budget ledger that almost matches the size of a 23-cent tax increase on gasoline. The only difference is the fund will be dedicated to transportation as opposed to highly variable state budget receipts.

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