NJ Transit Train Wreck at Hoboken Terminal Kills 1

NPR National Public Radio | September 30, 2016 | Transportation
Some passengers said train was traveling too fast. More than 100 injured in crash

hoboken train wreck
The commuter train approaching Hoboken Terminal during rush hour Thursday morning was traveling too fast. Some of the passengers could tell there was a problem, but the people standing on the platform had no clue that there was something wrong.

Then the train crashed into the barriers at the end of the tracks, breaking through them and hitting the platform, snapping off some the beams that hold up the ceiling — and the roof started to collapse.

The train came to a stop against the wall separating the tracks from the terminal itself, and passengers began to crawl out of the broken, twisted cars.

A woman on the platform was left dead, struck by debris. More than 100 passengers and bystanders were injured, some critically. The engineer was critically wounded.

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