ACLU Says It Will Represent Alleged Bistate Bomber Until He Gets Lawyer

NJTV News | September 28, 2016 | More Issues
Ahmad Khan Rahami remains in a Newark hospital, apparently unconscious and unable to express his wishes on legal counsel

While Ahmad Khan Rahami, the young man charged with a series of bistate bombings, remains in a New Jersey hospital, the American Civil Liberties Union says it will make sure his rights are protected until he has other legal counsel. Alex Shalom, the ACLU lawyer representing Rahami, said the group is troubled by the “gap time” between Rahami’s arrest and his getting a public defender or private counsel.

No information has been released about Rahami’s condition, and family members said they were only able to talk to his physician at University Medical Center in Newark on Monday. Rahami was wounded in a shootout with police in Linden, N.J., on September 19 after allegedly setting off explosions in Seaside Par , and the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan and leaving explosives in a duffle bag in Chelsea and in a backpack near the Elizabeth train station.

Federal magistrates in New York and New Jersey have denied requests by public defenders to represent Rahami, apparently because he remains unconscious and unable to express his own wishes. The ACLU in a notice filed Monday said it would represent Rahami only until he gets other counsel.

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