Wildstein and Foye Come Under Scrutiny at Day 4 of Bridgegate Trial

WNYC | September 23, 2016 | Politics
Foye avers that he was powerless to stop Wildstein, who was being ‘protected’ by Gov. Chris Christie

Credit: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Photo/WNYC
David Wildstein (left) with Raymond Pocino, a Port Authority commissioner who is also vice president of the Laborers International Union of North America
David Wildstein — the man who masterminded the lane closures that brought traffic in Fort Lee to a stop for days on end, pleaded guilty to federal crimes, and is cooperating with prosecutors — was the topic of more than one discussion on the fourth day of the Bridgegate trial.

For starters, Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye acknowledged for the first time that he was powerless to prevent Wildstein from doing whatever he wanted, because he was being “protected” by Gov. Chris Christie.

Foye also came in for his own comeuppance, admitting that he knew from the start that the “traffic study” was a sham, despite issuing numerous statements to the contrary.

Among the other highlights of yesterday’s testimony:

  • David Samson was closest to Wildstein. In fact, after Wildstein was fired, Foye told Samson it was up to him to get back Wildstein’s communications devices — the iPad and cellphone that Wildstein refused to surrender.
  • Wildstein was “hated by hundreds if not thousands of employees,” according to Foye. What’s more, Foye considered Wildstein such a threat that he posted pictures of him at every Port Authority facility, with instructions that he was to barred from entering.
  • Foye lied to reporters whenever necessary.
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