Teacher Says Imprisoned Former Student Taught Him a Valuable Lesson

NJTV News | September 15, 2016 | Education
Montclair teacher Dan Gill takes part in a documentary that explores the downward trajectory of a bright student

A Montclair middle-school teacher visits a former student now serving time in a New Jersey state prison for a gang-related killing, a downward trajectory described in the NJTV documentary “The One That Got Away.”

Dan Gill said that Touree Moses during their recent meeting had a lesson for him – that even if students appear to have given up on themselves, teachers should not give up on them.

Gill described Moses as a bright middle-school student who was curious and wanted to spend more time in class. In eighth grade, he was elected class president. But Gill said the boy clearly had a difficult home life with a drug-abusing mother and a single-parent father who would not return permission slips for field trips and appeared to have little interest in his son’s school work.

After he moved on to high school, Moses was arrested and sent to juvenile detention, Gill said. His father, to teach him a lesson, left him there for two weeks and the boy soon after dropped out of school and got into the life of street gangs.

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