Jury Selection Begins for Bridgegate Trial

NJTV News | September 14, 2016 | Politics
Three years since lane closures on the GWB turned into a great political scandal, jury selection began yesterday for the trial of officials alleged to be involved

The whittling-down of the potential jury for the Bridgegate trial began in a Newark courtroom yesterday. By the end of the day, in which Judge Susan Wigenton led most of the questioning, nine people were chosen to be part of the jury; 19 others were dismissed. Members of the jury pool previously had filled out an 85-question questionnaire.

Potential jurors were asked a range of questions that included “Do you regularly use the George Washington Bridge? Have you ever run for office? What kind of contact with law enforcement have you had?”

Virtually every jury pool member had heard of the controversial lane closings on the George Washington Bridge that led to the imminent trial of former Christie administration officials, Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni. One woman with strong opinions on the case said Gov. Chris Christie should be on trial for the debacle. On the other hand, one man told the court, “I’m totally supportive of Chris Christie.”

Michael Critchley, Kelly’s defense attorney, said he was looking for some commonality between the jurors and his client. Baroni’s attorney, Michael Baldassare, said he was looking for people with an open mind. Questioning of jurors continues today.

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