Bridgegate Trial Primer: What Did Chris Christie Know — and When Did He Know It?

Matt Katz | September 13, 2016 | Katz on Christie

For the last three years, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has maintained that a week’s worth of lane closures and traffic jams at the foot of the George Washington Bridge were the result of rogue employees who lied to him. 

But the Bridgegate trial, in which former Christie associates Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni face nine felony counts, may reveal more about what people high up in the administration knew about the scheme—and what they may have done to cover it up.

Christie himself communicated about the lane closures several times during the 121 days between the first morning in which lanes were closed and the day when a smoking gun email revealed a retaliatory political plot. We know the details about some of Christie’s conversations, but a trial could reveal far more. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys have evidence that has been kept under seal. 

Follow this link to see a timeline of what we know so far about when the governor dealt with the Bridgegate matter during these 121 days.