September 6, 2016 | Number of The Day
Number of kids in New Jersey public school system

About 1.372 million New Jersey kids are returning to school right about now, a number that has remained pretty steady since before 2010. (The 1.37 million figure is from the prior school year; this year’s numbers have yet to be released, but there is no expectation that they will change significantly.)

What has changed is the ethnic mix. The number of Hispanic children has grown from 295,841 to 359,998 since 2010. These kids outnumber African-Americans, who have dropped slightly from 222,980 to 215,933 in the past five years. The number of Asian children has also grown, from 119,725 to 133,061. Although the number of white children has decreased from 711,662 to 637,003, they still make up the bulk of the public school system.

There are more boys than girls in the state’s public school system — 701,635 versus 662,858.
The county with the largest number of children is Bergen, with 132,134. Middlesex, which has become the state’s second most-populous county, is next with 133,699. Then comes Essex, with 117,208. The county with the smallest number of children in the system is Cape May, by far, with 12,583.

Statewide, charter schools educate 41,619, up from 23,256 in 2010.