August 18, 2016 | Number of The Day
Total of NJ lottery ticket sales

New Jerseyans do like to test lady luck. The New Jersey Lottery sold $3 billion in tickets in 2015, an increase of $100 million from the year before. The amount of prizes awarded was $1.828 billion, and after operating costs, the lottery sent about $960 million to the state’s budget.

The most popular lottery games are instant tickets. The top-selling game in 2015 was the $30 ticket for the $5 million Cash Extravaganza. That game garnered $111.6 million. The second most-popular lottery game was the $10 ticket for the $150 million Cash Spectacular.
Multistate jackpot draw games are becoming less popular nationwide, according to the New Jersey Lottery’s Annual Report, a phenomenon attributed to “jackpot fatigue.” Sales from Mega Millions and Powerball, while still bringing in more than $100 million, are down from previous years.