NJ Spotlight Reporter Talks ‘AmeriMama’ Backstory with NJTV

NJTV News | August 17, 2016 | Health Care
Lilo Stainton and NJ Spotlight team spent nine months reporting and writing three-part series on Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center

NJ Spotlight healthcare reporter Lilo Stainton told NJTV that the tip that led to her story on Meadowlands Hospital Center’s AmeriMama program came from an unsatisfied patient at the facility.

The story — about the hospital trying to lure Russian women to give birth here so their children would qualify for dual citizenship — was the fruit of a nine-month investigation by Stainton and a team from NJ Spotlight. It was the first in a three-part series that ran last week.

The series also covered allegations of questionable business practices since the hospital was bought by a group of investors in 2010 and the political contributions the for-profit hospital has made to Gov. Chris Christie and other New Jersey politicians.

Stainton said the AmeriMama program does not appear to have been a great success. The Medical Center also ran into trouble when it hired Vogster, a company best known for violent video games, to handle its computer systems.

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