August 11, 2016 | Number of The Day
New Jersey students with some type of disability classification

The number of New Jersey students aged three to 21 with some type of disability classification from the state Department of Education is quite significant – 16.5%. The actual number is 232,401.

The largest group are those classified with a specific learning disability – 5.43 percent, or 76,635. Those with a speech or language impairment totaled 3.3 percent, and “other” was 3.1 percent.

Autism was next in line at 1.3 percent, or 18,726. Other large groups were those classified with multiple disabilities (1.15 percent), preschool disabilities (0.9 percent), and emotional disturbance (0.6 percent). The numbers of children with other specific disabilities, such as traumatic brain injury, visual or hearing impairments, or orthopedic impairments were quite small.