August 4, 2016 | Number of The Day
Estimate of percentage of eligible voters in New Jersey who are Hispanic

About 11 percent of all eligible voters in the state — 677,000 people — are Hispanic. Although about 1.6 million Hispanics live in New Jersey, the majority of them are either too young to vote, undocumented, or simply not citizens. Still, 43 percent of New Jersey Hispanics are eligible to vote.

Among those eligible voters, 35 percent are naturalized citizens; this compares with 25 percent nationwide. About 41 percent of Hispanic eligible voters are of Puerto Rican origin, 12 percent are of Dominican origin, 9 percent Cuban, and 5 percent Mexican. More than half of Hispanic eligible voters in New Jersey (52 percent) live in owner-occupied homes. Nearly 30 percent have a family income of $100,000 or more.