July 7, 2016 | Number of The Day
Reduction in childhood obesity among NJ preschoolers

New Jersey is seeing a reduction in child obesity rates among preschool children

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a report that shows significant declines in childhood obesity, particularly among those ages 2 to 5 and from low-income families. In New Jersey, those children saw a 7.3 percent reduction in 2011 from previous years, to 16.6 percent and a 1.3 percent overall reduction.

Nationally, the rate was 35.9 percent when comparing the same cohorts of low-income young children. The rate was 5 percent reduction overall.

Still, Robert Wood Johnson said there remains a significant disparity across racial and socioeconomic groups. The national obesity rate was 14.7 percent among white youth, 19.5 perent among black youth, and 21.9 percent among Hispanic youth. In the past three years, Robert Wood Johnson said that Asian Americans now have obesity rates of 20.2 percent. Chinese youth only have 11.8 percent, but Filipinos (29.5 percent) and Southeast Asians (27.3 percent) had the highest rates.