Piscataway Mayor Tells DOT What It Can Do with TTF Work Stoppage

NJTV News | July 21, 2016 | Transportation
Brian Wahler got a shutdown order about a Piscataway project, and then he got mad

Piscataway paid no attention to Gov. Chris Christie’s July 6 executive order to shut down hundreds of Transportation Trust Fund projects. In fact, it kept right on rebuilding School Street.

So New Jersey’s Department of Transportation decided it needed to show Mayor Brian Wahler that it was serious about putting the front-loaders and road rollers on hiatus, so it issued a letter that said
“…work subject to cessation under the Shutdown Order must remain ceased until further notice…”

The DOT picked the wrong mayor to reprimand.

“They’re crazy! I’m ripping this up. It means nothing. Nothing! And that’s what I think about your cease and desist order, commissioner and governor! The bottom line is, they have no legal authority to stop any municipal projects in the state of New Jersey,” he said.

Wahler added that he’s not the only New Jersey mayor who’s disregarding the shutdown order — just the most vocal — and that Piscataway Township’s paying for 80 percent of the School Street project.

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