June 23, 2016 | Number of The Day
Members of State Chamber of Commerce who say they’ll add or maintain staff

We’re in for a good year in New Jersey if you believe in the plans being laid by members of the state Chamber of Commerce: 81 percent said they were planning to maintain or add to staffing over the next 12 months. About the same number said they expected revenues to either stay even or increase.

Meanwhile, these same leaders are looking to invest in technology. Since 34 percent now say they get most of their customers via the web (about the same find face-to-face customer generation best), they are looking to buy more tech in the coming year. About 63 percent say they will invest in “the cloud,” 38 percent say they are looking for more mobile technology, and 38 percent say they need more analytics to crunch customer data — something 57 percent said they were not effectively collecting.