Democrats In State Senate Pass Strict Standard for Handgun Permits

NJTV News | June 29, 2016 | More Issues
Gov. Christie is expected to veto the measure in ongoing skirmish over gun laws

Democrats in the New Jersey Senate passed a bill Tuesday aimed at tightening the state’s already strict handgun regulations. The measure says only those who can show a “justifiable need” – defined as a specific threat – can get concealed-carry permits.

The bill passed 22-17 and is part of a drawn-out struggle with Gov. Chris Christie and Republicans in the legislature over gun laws. The Democrats recently blocked a GOP attempt to allow those under a “serious threat,” which could include working in a dangerous area, to carry handguns.

Democrats also adopted a measure requiring all gun dealers in the state to carry at least one “smart gun” that can be fired only by its owner. Christie appears likely to veto both bills.

A vote to override another Christie veto was postponed until Thursday, because Democratic leaders did not have enough votes. That bill would have required that gun owners convicted of domestic abuse or subject to a restraining order be stripped of their weapons and have permits revoked.

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