Poll: Would the Garden State Be Greener If We Legalized Grass?

NJ Spotlight News | June 16, 2016 | Polling
There are strong economic reasons to legalize marijuana, but is it a matter of more than money?

New Jersey Sen. Nick Scutari has seen the future, and it features the legalized use of recreational marijuana in the Garden State. Scutari, back from a fact-finding trip to Colorado, the poster child of over-the-counter pot (in just about every form, from classic brownies to THC-infused lollipops), argues there’s more at stake than giggles and munchies.

Legalized marijuana can be taxed and taxed heavily (27.9 percent on sales in Colorado), and once it’s no longer a crime, police departments can devote time and personnel to other pursuits. For the record, medical marijuana is already legal in New Jersey —Scutari was instrumental in writing that legislation — though advocates say the state controls sales and distribution far too tightly.

# Is it time for New Jersey to legalize grass?

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