An NJ Spotlight Roundtable: How Does New Jersey Achieve a Low-Carbon Future?

NJ Spotlight News | June 14, 2016 | Roundtables
Given its geography and its population density, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions is essential to the future of the Garden State

Climate change is real. With its low lying shoreline, New Jersey is particularly vulnerable. What can the state do to reduce its carbon footprint?

Some argue the cheapest way is to use less energy. How can New Jersey better promote energy efficiency? Some say the solution is to reduce use of fossil fuels and increase reliance on renewable energy. What is the role of nuclear power, which has no emissions and supplies about half of the state’s electricity? Others argue for transforming the transportation sector’s dependence on oil to move people and commerce.

On June 3rd, NJ Spotlight brought together an elite panel of energy experts and policy makers to discuss these issues.


Ralph Izzo President, Chairman and CEO, PSEG

Fred Krupp, President, The Environmental Defense Fund

Sen. Bob Smith, Chair, New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy

Susan F. Tierney, Senior Advisor, The Analysis Group

Moderated by Tom Johnson, NJ Spotlight

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