Podcast: Really Going the Distance to Get Great Stories

The Backgrounder | June 9, 2016
Former NJ Spotlight reporter Scott Gurian is driving from London to Mongolia. Along the way he’s sure to find new worlds to detail on his new podcast site

When Scott Gurian was the superstorm Sandy reporter for NJ Spotlight and WNYC, he would always go the extra mile for his exemplary and ultimately award-winning coverage. (Gurian was part of an WNYC team that nabbed a Peabody Award.)

Now, though, Gurian will be racking up several thousand miles in pursuit of another story, which also has all the makings of winner.

He and his brother, Drew, a professional photographer, will spend about seven weeks in a miniscule used car driving from London to Mongolia. The route will take them through some 20 countries.

Along the way they’ll visit the “Stans — Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and places that just sound so foreign and can be a little scary if you haven’t done much traveling, Gurian said.

Gurian will be documenting his journey on his new podcast, far from home, which went live recently.

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