2 to 1

May 19, 2016 | Number of The Day
Gov. Christie’s job-disapproval rating, his lowest yet

Gov. Chris Christie’s job-approval rating continues to plummet, reaching its lowest point yet: New Jersey voters disapprove of Christie 2 to 1 (64 percent to 29 percent), according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll. That’s Christie’s lowest approval rating yet, but whether it’s bottomed out is anybody’s guess.

The only folks who award the governor a positive rating are his fellow Republicans, and they’re not all that keen on the job he’s doing — approving by a tepid 56 percent to 38 percent. Democrats disapprove 86 percent to 9 percent, and independents are down on him 66 percent to 26 percent.

New Jersey voters are even more adamant that likely GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump would do well to steer clear of Christie as a running mate: lining up 4 to 1 (72 percent to 18 percent) against the idea. Even Republicans say that it’s a bad idea: 64 percent to 27 percent).

“New Jersey voters give Christie abysmal job-approval numbers. Even a third of his fellow Republicans disapprove,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Assistant Director Maurice Carroll.