New Overtime Regulations Will Affect Some Half-Million New Jerseyans

NJTV News | May 20, 2016 | Social
Starting in December, employers will have to pay overtime to workers who make $47,476 a year or less, rather than the current threshold of $23,660

New rules announced by Vice President Joe Biden this week redefine when workers qualify for overtime and when they don’t. They will affect some half-million people in New Jersey, mostly in white-collar jobs.

The threshold at which workers are currently exempt from overtime pay is $23,660. If they make less than that and work more than 40 hours a week, their boss has to pay them overtime. But starting December 1, the threshold will be set at $47,476.

According to Christopher Mayer, a labor attorney with McCarter & English, “The industries that are going to be mainly impacted are retail … restaurants, banking, hospitals are going to be heavily impacted; technology companies, mostly startups are going to be heavily impacted, and then nonprofits.”

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