Murphy Dismisses Debates over Tax Cuts as ‘Last Century’s Argument’

NJTV News | May 17, 2016 | Politics
NJ’s first 2017 gubernatorial candidate says booming economies are partly built on great schools and good neighborhoods

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy, the former Goldman Sachs executive, suggested yesterday in an interview with NJTV News that he knows how to improve New Jersey’s economy. He said that the state’s next chief executive needs to be someone who can help the state build on its assets and provide what is best for the next generation.

Murphy pointed out that two places with booming economies, the Boston area and Northern California’s Silicon Valley, are high-cost areas that provide good residential neighborhoods, excellent schools and other attractions. He called the debate over tax cuts “last century’s argument.”

While Murphy said he would like to cut taxes, he accused the administration of Republican Gov. Chris Christie of creating a financial crisis. Moving past that, he said, will require a united effort.

The first candidate from either party to enter the race officially, Murphy said he made his announcement early because he believes in transparency and letting the voters know as soon as he made up his mind. Yesterday’s announcement also allows him to begin fundraising, although he said he plans to lend his campaign $10 million and will not seek public funds for the primary.

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